I could use this tonight — well, every night — but more so tonight.

f a s h i o n l o c k e r

Clear your mind here

I’m so fucking angry with the finale of HIMYM. 
What the actual fuck happened???? Really? They turn Robin in a jelaous bitch who after realized that Ted and Tracy were fucking perfect together, acts like a winy teenager and split from the gang cause it was too much for her! Girl, you turn him down during all the seasons. What is wrong with you? 
She was my favorite character, she was awesome… until the finale. Thanks!
Oh, the mother was dead, she couldnt grow oldwith Ted. Really? It’s that the way you decide to take after all the nine years? I hate you.
Okay she was dead. We can forget about that. Oh, wait, lets make another plot twist, what if at the end Ted ends up with Robin? Right? Yeah, he should end with the woman who tell him she “I dont love you” like 6 seasons at least. Oh gosh. That was lame. You backstabers writers! 
Another thing, he wasnt talking their story to ask permission to date Robin again again again. They even took that! Making it in a “I loved your mother but now I want to bang Robin” 
Barney and Robin…. They were perfect. Everyone know that. They were fucking perfect together. How dare you to separate them. 
At least Lily and Marshall had a happy ending.